CoolTouch® for Wrinkle Reduction

Health beautiful skin starts below the surface in tissue that contains collagen. Collagen, a basic building block of the skin, is responsible for the skin’s strength and durability plus its smooth, healthy and youthful appearance. When collagen is damaged by the sun, environmental factors or simply depleted over time, the skin appears thinner and becomes less elastic, resulting in facial lines, wrinkles, texture changes and visible signs of aging.

The CoolTouch® laser treatment is a perfect solution for stimulating and rebuilding your own collagen, for a more beautiful you. Patients find that after a CoolTouch® laser treatment, their skin is noticeably smoother with decreased pore size and improved tone and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kind words from one of our patients...

"It was my first time visiting Flower Mound Dermatology. I was a bit apprehensive since my appointment was with Ray the PA and I would have much preferred Dr. Perez. But Ray exceeded my expectations and I was quite pleased! He was very patient, listened intently, then diagnosed by issue within seconds of examining me. Thank you Flower Mound Dermatology!"

- Angela A.