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How Thermage Works
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Thermage treatments are all about energy – focusing radiofrequency energy to kick start the body’s own natural renewal process. Like most smart technologies, the process is relatively simple – it’s a combination of heat energy to treat deep tissue, and cooling effects, to protect the skin surface and deliver better patient comfort. And our latest evolution of Thermage includes patented Comfort Pulse Technology – gentle vibrations and interspersed cooling that make your Thermage treatment even more comfortable. Even so, it’s important to remember every patient’s circumstances are different, so for specifics, it’s best to consult your Thermage physician.

The Science Behind Vibration

The “Gate Theory” of Pain, developed by Ron Melzack and Patrick Wall, states that throughout the nervous system there are many types of nerve fibers responsible for relaying all the sensory information in the human body from the limbs, tissues, and organs, to the brain. Small diameter nerve fibers carry pain impulses while large diameter fibers carry non-painful impulses, among which is vibration. Applying vibration to an area of discomfort decreases pain because touch stimulates the large fiber diameters which in turn close the “gate.”


The results Thermage can deliver are best seen on the surface - tighter, smoother skin.   The new Comfort Pulse Technology works on a whole new level.   CPT energy algorithm simulates TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), a proven method for pain relief by affecting sensory nerves and interfering with sensory-discriminative pathways, interspersing cooling bursts with radio-frequency heat energy, blocking neural discomfort signals and dramatically increasing patient comfort.   It’s smart technology that works ON patient’s bodies while working WITH their mind.


Treatment Facts and Guidelines
  Thermage treatments are typically 45 minutes for eyes or face and up to 90 minutes for larger body areas.
Treatment Regimen   One treatment is all you will need to see and feel real results.
Results   Most patients can see and feel Thermage results very soon after treatment – in as little as one day. Continued improvements and contouring can happen for up to six months as your body regenerates collagen. Your body actually produces new collagen which is how the collagen matrix thickens and creates a smoothing effect. Even better, results can last years.
Comfort   Be sure to ask if your doctor has the latest Thermage CPT technology – it adds a gentle vibration sensation and interspersed cooling bursts that give you even more comfort during treatment. You will feel cooling and heating sensations during each pulse. Throughout the procedure, your physician will ask for feedback on the level of heat sensation to help balance your comfort with maximum results. After treatment, your skin may be slightly red, but most people resume regular activities immediately after treatment. There's typically no recovery time or special follow-up care.

This information is not meant to be exhaustive.
For more information please visit our medical library section or make an appointment with one of our providers.

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